The systematic examination, checking and re-checking of paddy and rice to determine the fool-proof quality of the end product is the hallmark of Abida.

Our physical laboratory is well equipped for quality management of samples, in-coming material, in-process material & out-going material.

We have the following facilities to check the quality of rice:

Micro Biological Lab:

Our microbiological lab is equipped in identifying & isolating of microorganisms such as e-coli & micro fungi.

Chemical Lab:

Abida has a laboratory equipped with sophisticated equipment to access & estimate pesticide residues in paddy, conforming to international food safety & organic standards and also as per the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.

Sorting Machines:

A series of color sorters and multi sorters are installed at Abida production facilities. When the rice is passed through these series of sorting machines, it eliminates objects like glass particles, plastic granules, foreign material, dust materials, damaged rice, discolored and unwanted grain.

Zero-OX System:

We have a Zero – OX system for treating organic raw commodities in natural environment for de-infestation. We further flush CO2 in our packs to ensure zero level infestation during its defined shelf life.

Water Treatment:

Abida has introduced Reverse Osmosis Treatment to all the water used for par boiling and Steam Process. It controls totally dissolved water and prevents.

Constant up-gradation of IT systems and technical knowledge is implemented to optimize production and minimize any wastage. To ensure the fool proof quality of the end product, we do systematic examination, checking and re checking of paddy and rice.