Different Types Of Basmati Rice in India

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Are you a die-hard fan of rice? Continue reading to learn about some of the most incredible basmati rice that is grown in India!

Indians are extremely fortunate, particularly when it comes to fertile, arable land.

We grow a variety of grains, fruits, vegetables, spices, and other things here. The variety of rice is also one of them.

According to media reports, there were approximately 1,10,000 different varieties of rice available up until 1970.

The green revolution, however, changed the emphasis to monoculture and hybrid crops, leaving us with about 6000 species.

This contains a fantastic assortment of basmati rice.

India is one of the biggest producers of basmati rice in the world, accounting for 70% of global production.

The varieties of basmati rice that are offered in India are generally unknown. Under the Seeds Act of 1966, 29 varieties have thus far been notified.

These are accessible throughout the nation. If you enjoy rice, you should consume them regularly and at the very least be aware of some of them.

Ranbir Basmati Rice

The first image that comes to mind when we think of basmati rice is one of the extraordinarily long rice grains.

Of course, the smell must also be captivating! We can all agree that Ranbir basmati has lovely long grains and a mouthwatering aroma that will make your neighbors ravenous.

These are primarily consumed in northern India, more specifically in Dehradun and Jammu & Kashmir. One of the oldest basmati rice varieties available in India is reportedly Ranbir.

Taraori Basmati Rice

Since 1933, India has been producing and consuming this basmati rice. The Taraori basmati rice is very beloved by the residents of this Haryana region. 

Once you taste the pilaf or pulao made with this rice, also referred to as Karnal local rice, you will fall in love with it. 

A celebration in the Taraori region would not be considered complete without this rice and other dishes.

Basmati Sharbati Rice

Due to its high price as one of the most popular types of rice, not all households can afford to consume authentic basmati rice every day.

Try Sharbati basmati rice if you’re looking for something affordable. It also has long grains and is primarily grown in the states of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

They are a hybrid of conventional basmati rice, but they lack aroma.

Rice from Mahi Sugandh

Mahi Sugandh basmati rice is one of the newer varieties on the list, while many are traditional varieties. 

It was recently recognized as a basmati variety under the Seeds Act of 1966. It is known as semi-dwarf basmati rice and is only 87–98 cm long. 

It is grown in Rajasthan (forts in Rajasthan) and is shorter than its counterparts. 

It’s slightly smaller in size and has a flavor that both your nose and taste buds will enjoy.

Best Rice Manufacturer in India

Even though basmati rice is one of the healthiest foods, the Kasturi basmati has a lower glycaemic index than the others, which will help you lose weight. 

It is not only healthy but also flavorful and aromatic. Its grains are medium in size in contrast to the conventional basmati rice grains. 

Although Kasturi basmati is grown in Uttrakhand at an altitude of 400–600 m above sea level, you can find it throughout most of the country.


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